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Whether you're looking to rebuild your credit, grow your credit, or find the best loan for you to get the car you desire. Take the first step and receive your free credit evaluation and take control of your credit!

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Bad Credit, Car Loans Winnipeg

Get Affordable Auto Financing From Crown Credit Solutions

Everyone deserves a second chance at having credit and our job is help you get it. We have helped thousands of Canadians get a personal auto loan and our friendly and knowledgeable team of specialists are always ready to help you with your vehicle purchase.

If you have experienced bankruptcy, divorce, job loss or something else that has caused an impact to your credit then we can help you. New to the country, new to credit? We can help there too, call today!

Good Credit – Poor Credit – Bad Credit – No Credit Car, Truck & SUV Loans Winnipeg

Bad things happen to good people! As cliché as this may sound, in today’s world this has become a fact more often than not. Divorce, job loss, injury etc. are unexpected are unplanned for. At one time or another a change in circumstance can occur. When someone is faced with a situation a perfect credit rating can become a less-than-perfect credit rating can change almost overnight ?

While this change (or perhaps you are new to the country or a student) may have impacted someone’s credit rating it does not mean obtaining the financing you need should be problematic.

Unlike many other Winnipeg new and used car dealerships, at Crown Credit Solutions our team of professionals is working for you and your best interest.


Meet with you one on one for a confidential, free and no obligation credit evaluation.

Discuss your budget requirements and financing options – check out our on-line budget calculator.

Refer you to a Product Advisor with one of the 7 dealerships in the Dilawri Automotive Group with a pre-approval for financing in your hands.

Once you have selected the vehicle that meets your needs we will complete all of the required financing paperwork with you and get you driving within 24 hours!!!

Secure Pre-Approved Financing for you within minutes.

Guarrantee100% transparency throughout the finance process.

Crown Credit Solutions is a local Winnipeg company with a team dedicated to providing financing options that will help you secure the vehicle you need and rebuild, establish or reestablish your credit rating.

Crown Credit Solutions is not a third party or auto loan broker. We do not sell or transfer your information. We work for you to help you secure the financing you need to purchase the vehicle that meets your needs and budget requirements.

With access to 20 lenders and exclusive access to Quicken Acceptance, Crown Credit Solutions is your best choice to help you get the approval and finalize financing you need. If you have had credit problems, are new to the country and you need to securing financing for an affordable, quality car, truck, van or SUV Crown Credit Solutions can help.

Whether it be a new or used car truck van or SUV we know we can tailor the financing to suit your unique situation.

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