What Would I be Approved For & How Can I Get Approved Financing Quickly

Car Loan Approval

Two of the questions I am asked frequently by customers when looking to purchase a vehicle are:

  1. What am I approved for?
  2. How can I get approved quickly?

Here are some tips with respect to both questions.

If you are unsure with respect to what or how much financing you would qualify for it is always best to apply in person at one of the Crown dealerships. Our trained and experienced Financial Service Advisors (FSA) or Managers (FSM) can meet with you and provide you with a “pre-approval” to help with your buying decision within 5 minutes.

When you meet with the FSA/FSM it is best to be prepared.

The FSA/FSM will:

Complete a credit application with you. The information they will be looking for you to provide will be:

  • Your Full Legal Name, Date of Birth and Social Insurance Number
  • Your Contact Information (indicating your preferred method of contact and best times to contact you)
  • Your residence information (address, mortgage or rent information, time at residence)
  • Your employment information (name, address, position, income)
  • Your banking information

Obtain and review your credit bureau report with you.

Calculate your Debt Service to determine your budget and the maximum allowable amount to finance.


Should you wish to apply on-line, (again best to be prepared) ensure that you fully and accurately complete the on-line credit application.

Our FSA/FSM s will contact you to review your enquiry, and provide you with the credit evaluation.


We can complete all of the aforementioned over the phone with you, should you decide to call us directly at 204 594 3955 / 204 275 4438 or 1 877 346 8082.

Crown Credit Solutions is here to help you. It is our mandate to provide you with the information you need in order to make a sound decision with respect to your vehicle purchase.

You can visit us at any of our 7 locations in Winnipeg

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Portage Winnipeg West


McPhillips North Winnipeg


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