Well maybe not lifesavers, but most certainly we are here to help!!!

At Crown Credit Solutions, we understand that (as cliché as it may sound) “bad things happen to good people”.

At any time, any of us may face a situation that will impact our credit. Unfortunately a divorce or separation, the loss of employment or a layoff, an accident or disability are common occurrences for Canadians.

Or maybe, you have limited credit or no credit because you are a young buyer or new to Canada.

Whatever your situation, it is unique to you. At Crown Credit Solutions we understand and are here to help.

Our process is simple and our industry leading results do speak for themselves.

We will take the time and meet with you one on one for a FREE / NO RISK Credit Evaluation.

We will discuss your needs and your financing options based on your budget and your credit rating.

At Crown Credit Solutions we review your finances with you and help you determine a payment that would comfortably fit your bi-weekly or monthly budget.

We will take the time and discuss a plan to build or rebuild your credit rating.

Our team of dedicated professionals at Crown Credit Solutions will review your credit bureau with you thoroughly to ensure it is accurate and you have an understanding of how lenders report credit activity to the reporting companies in Canada.

We will ensure that you have all the information you need to make a sound financial decision.

Should you decide to move forward with your vehicle purchase, we will help you find a vehicle and secure the financing with the lender that best suits your financing needs.