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Do You Qualify For a Car Loan?

Crown Credit is for people who find themselves unable to get pre-approved for an auto loan through traditional lending sources like credit unions, local banks or the lending arms of car manufacturers such as Honda Finance.  These lending sources will usually not finance vehicles under the following circumstances:


How do I qualify for Crown Credit?

The basic qualifications for are program are as follows:


This is a completely free service!

Everyone deserves another change at having credit and we will work with you to help you get it back.  Crown Credit has helped thousands of Canadians get personalized auto loans.  We have a friendly and knowledgeable team of specialists who are ready to help you purchase your vehicle today!

To get pre-approved over the phone just call: 1-877-346-8082. If you would prefer to apply online you can complete a secure online application from your home or office without having to discuss your credit history with a loans officer! Click here to apply now

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